TAM Offers OWNBoard Personalized In-Flight Magazine

Tam Airlines personalized in-flight magazineIn collaboration with FCB Milan, TAM Airlines recently provided passengers with a very special personalized in-flight magazine.

For an airline company, taking personal care of every passenger¬†is the most important value but this doesn’t always happen with onboard magazines.

During the second anniversary of it’s Milan – San Paolo route, TAM Airlines created a very special OWNBoard in-flight magazine.

First, the airline introduced a Facebook Connect during the online purchase process. Next, the airline was able to get to know their passengers better, learning about their likes, preferences, interests, and social activity. They were then able to turn this into customized content to create a personalized in-flight magazine for each passenger.

“Each OWNboard magazine is unique, from the cover to the last page. As a result, 100% of passengers decided to take the magazine with them after the flight and the average reading time during the flight increased by 1,200%.”


Gary McLaren

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