North American In-Flight Magazines

Here are some of the in-flight magazines from airlines based in North America.

In-Flight Magazine Cover

Airline In-Flight Publication
North American In-flight Magazines - Hemispheres United Airlines Hemispheres
North American In-flight Magazines - enRoute Air Canada enRoute
North American Inflight Magazines - Caribbean Beat Caribbean Airlines Caribbean Beat
North American Inflight Magazines - Latitudes American Eagle Latitudes

Inflight MagazinesDid you know our In-Flight Magazine PDF lists more than 25 in-flight magazines from airlines based in North America and more than 200 in-flight magazines from airlines around the world, PLUS it has links to the airlines, and – where applicable – links to the magazines online, links to the publishers websites, links to writer guidelines (if any online) and links to contact details.

It’s a great resource for those trying to work with in-flight magazines.


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