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The In-Flight Magazines Report

4th Edition:  March 2016

The latest edition of The In-Flight Magazines Report is now available. It now lists more than 250 in-flight magazines from airlines around the world, up from 210 in the previous edition. 

As of early 2016, the travel industry is experiencing strong growth, so this is an excellent time for freelancers to approach the publishers of in-flight magazines. 

120 Countries
230+ Airlines
250+ In-Flight Magazines!

We have designed this report primarily for freelance writers and photographers who want to work with in-flight publications.

It is no secret that many writers and photographers would love to be published in in-flight magazines. As far as circulation and readership go, there is incredible exposure, and many in-flight publications are among the highest-paying magazine markets. 

Of course, they also look quite impressive when added to your portfolio of published clips!

We should add that it is tough for beginners to break into writing for in-flight magazines. The editors of these magazines want to work with experienced, professional writers.

You will also find that it is rare for in-flight magazines to post their Writers Guidelines online. Most of the editors' inboxes are already overflowing with queries. Fortunately for you, however, many of these queries are from writers who have not researched the publication properly.

So,how will you make YOUR query stand out? We have put together some tips and advice in an article at Worldwide Freelance, How to Get Published in In-Flight Magazines


"I'm very happy with the In-Flight Magazine Report... I've sold to Airline companies I didn't even know existed. To me it´s been a very good introduction to new editors and new magazines."

~ Urban Nilmander, Sweden

Who Should Use The Inflight Magazine Report? 

You should use this report if you would like to be able to identify quickly the airlines from around the world that interest you, and the names of their in-flight publications. Then, with a click of your mouse you can immediately visit the airline's or publication's website to research what they have been publishing and to get the latest contact details

Our report only includes in-flight publications that publish articles and photo essays. We have omitted some onboard publications that are only "shopping brochures" and "tv and movie schedules".

We have organized them by airline and region. For each publication, we provide direct links to:

  • the Airline's Website

and where possible, direct links to:

  • the Airline’s Webpage for the Publication
  • Dedicated Website for the Publication, if any
  • the Publisher’s Website
  • the Writer's Guidelines online, if any (only 6%)
  • Editorial Contact Information (70%) on the Publication's Webpage or in the Digital Magazine, which often includes editors' names.

PLUS, new in this edition:

  • there is a chapter on writing for in-flight magazines. You can also read it online here

Please don’t expect a page of information for every magazine. It is not our intention to "do your research for you", into each magazine's current requirements. Even if we did that, the information would go out-of-date within a couple of months as editorial staff change, and editorial focus and direction is adjusted. Plus, a report like that would cost ten times the price of this one. 


"Thanks for writing the In-Flight Magazine Report. You provided great information on how to make yourself stand out as a writer and an extensive list of markets."

~ Christina Lawrence-Eklund, Canada

What this report will do is save you weeks of time tracking down all of the in-flight magazines. We know because it took us loads of time to put together this latest report. 

You can use this report to find plenty of in-flight publications, and to go quickly to the key pages on the airlines' and publishers' websites. 

The other really good news is that more airlines than ever before have a digital version of their magazine available online for free. So it is easier than ever before to research these in-flight magazines from the comfort of your home or office! 

You will be able to download this PDF report immediately.

Please also read the following important notes before purchasing.

No Guarantee That They Work With Freelancers

We have included all of the in-flight magazines we could find regardless of their stance on working, or not working, with freelance writers and photographers. Fortunately, the majority of in-flight publications do work with freelancers.  Be aware, however, that there are bound to be a few that produce all of their content in-house. 


Interactive PDF Format, NOT Ideal For Tiny Screens & Print

This report is 30 pages in PDF format. It has been designed primarily for viewing on a desktop, laptop or tablet, and may be somewhat difficult to browse on tiny mobile screens.

The PDF is an interactive "clickable" PDF file. Since some Internet hyperlinks are very long they appear in this PDF as "Click Here", so please be aware that the link details will not show in a printout. Shorter links are still displayed normally. 


Quick Support

We are here to help, and we have a reputation for quickly assisting our customers with any issues that arise, for example when downloading files online. Simply contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please keep in mind that our office is in New Zealand so there may be a few hours delay due to time zone differences. 

If you are have difficulty viewing the PDF file please make sure you are using the latest version of the Free Adobe Reader


“In 2016, the travel industry is experiencing strong growth, so this is an excellent time for freelancers to approach the publishers of in-flight magazines.”

Gary McLaren
Author of The Inflight Magazines Report

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