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World Travel Outlook Remains Positive

World Travel Outlook Remains PositiveAccording to Frontier – the business magazine for travel retail – the world travel outlook remains positive and international tourism will experience growth of 4.3% this year.

The strongest growth is expected from Asia (+6.1%) and North America (+5.1%) with Europe expecting a 2.8% increase in outbound trips.

Latin America is more subdued with an expected 1.9% increase in trips compared to 2015.

These predictions come from the ITB World Travel Trends Report, compiled by consulting company IPK International.

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Is the Clock Ticking on Future of Inflight Magazines?

Clock Ticking on Future of Inflight MagazinesIn this digital age, as fresh, daily digital content becomes the norm, the future of inflight magazines is inevitably being questioned in some quarters.

According to a post at Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX), Ryanair CMO Kenny Jacobs has gone so far as to say, “The days of the in-flight magazine are numbered but [we’re thinking about] in-flight digital content served up to targeted customers.”

There is only so much weight (e.g. in paper) that a plane can afford to carry, so a digital offering makes sense in that it allows for a wider range of content to be available for a diverse planeload of passengers.

“Despite the trend towards digital, the ultimate death of printed in-flight offerings is far from certain. Not everyone is ready to put down paper in favor of digital.”

A poll conducted by APEX since November 2014, currently shows 45 percent of passengers prefer print.

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Ryanair CMO Sees Targeted, Digital Content Replacing Inflight Magazines

Digital Content Replacing Inflight Magazines at RyanairAccording to Marketing magazine, CMO of Ryanair Kenny Jacobs believes the days of printed in-flight magazines are numbered, and the airline’s plans to scale up the amount of digital content the airline offers its passengers.

This change comes as Ryanair trials Wi-Fi on some of its routes, and as the industry tries to figure out whether passengers prefer print or digital in-flight reading material.

With digital, it is possible to offer more customized content and even user-generated content.

Jacobs added that they have three content writers now and they will be expanding that team.

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