How Do Airline Passengers Spend Their Time?

In the latest edition of their APEX Survey Insights, the Airline Passenger Experience Association has taken a close look at how passengers spend their time while flying.

Airlines offer passengers a number of in-flight entertainment options, but passengers also like to bring their own reading material and even work to keep entertained or busy on the flight. In-flight Wi-Fi is also becoming more widely available offering even more choices. So what did this survey reveal?

What Do Airline Passengers Do?

  • “Sleeping” tops the list at 16% and with all those overnight flights that’s not too big of a surprise.
  • In second place was “Watching In-flight Provided Movies or Television” at 15%.
  • Eating was third with 9%.
  • Watching Movies on TV or Personal Device” had 8%.
  • Reading the In-flight Magazine came in 5th with 7% of passengers’s time. This was higher (12%) among passengers aged 55 and over.

There’s another key finding from the results:

“In fact, four out of five respondents said that they not only read the in-flight magazine on flights in the last three months, but when they did they spent an average of 13.7 minutes doing so, making it one of the most effective ways to reach airline passengers.”

See more of the results and findings at the APEX web site.

Gary McLaren

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